Alpha Class


Tiffany Helmer

Hello everyone! I am Tiffany, I am in the Education program with English as my major and freshly declared social science minor. Outside of class I watch a lot of Netflix, I like doing fun things with the other girls in the sorority and I always jump on an opportunity to travel! I have definitely found my home away from home, and I hope you can find that in Alpha Pi Phi as well! 


Vanessa Ervin

Laurie Norris

I am a fourth year Visual Arts Major, Minoring in Women Studies. I love to travel, play hockey, play music, square dance, hike, create/look at art, and eat pasta. I love the position I am in because I get a first-hand experience with all the girls and I get to be the one who leads them into the Sorority. Since joining the sorority I've not only met so many new people but have gain girls I now consider family. Joining this sorority is something I will always be proud about as we foster a group of strong, loving, caring, smart, and volunteering women.

I am in my second year of the Bachelor of Science in Nursing at Lakehead. My hobbies include cycling, traveling, anything to do with my dog or my little sister and cooking! I joined this sorority because I have always wanted to be in one since I was little and valued the same values this sorority has. I’ve connected with every girl in all different ways and am so grateful for all of them.