Executive Board


Tiffany Helmer

Hello everyone! I am Tiffany, Kappa’s President for the 2019-2020 year. I am in my third year in the Education program with English as my major and just declared a minor in Women Studies. Outside of class I watch a lot of Netflix and youtube. I like doing fun things with the other girls in the sorority and I always jump on an opportunity to travel! I have definitely found my home away from home, and I hope you can find that in Alpha Pi Phi as well! 


Bethany Lister



Membership Development Officer 

Maresa Gauvin

I’m Maresa Gauvin, Kappa Chapters current Membership Development Officer.  I am in my second year of Political Science at Lakehead. Alpha Pi Phi has brought many great opportunities and lifelong sisters while always being an open and welcoming home for girls alike. APP has helped me thrive in my academics while bringing my endless laughter and jokes too these amazing women I call my sisters. 


external programming officer 


New membership support officer 

Deanna Berdusco



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