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Frequently asked Questions

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Do you have a sorority house?

That sure would be cool but unfortunately, we don't. However, that doesn't mean that you won't end up living with some of your sisters on campus or off campus!

is there hazing?

Let it be clear that there is no hazing, and will never be any hazing with Alpha Pi Phi. We have a strict no-hazing policy and have zero tolerance for it. All sisters can rest easy knowing they will never be forced against their wishes or harmed in this Sorority.

what is rush? 

Rush is when a Sorority is accepting new applicants. There are a series of events that will be held over a week or two allowing you and the active members to learn more about each other. Near the end of the Rush events, there will be some mandatory events you must go to if you want to be considered for entry. Make sure you inquire about these if you are interested. Reminder that you must be a Lakehead University student to Rush for Kappa.

What do the terms 'chapter' and 'class' mean

Great question!  Alpha Pi Phi is the name of our Sorority, and a 'Chapter' is a term that describes each group of sorority sisters at different Universities and locations. The name of the chapter all depends on when they were founded and what letter of the Greek alphabet that coordinates with. For example, in Orillia is the Epsilon Chapter of Alpha Pi Phi as they were the fifth chapter to join. In Thunder Bay, we are the Kappa chapter of Alpha Pi Phi as we are the tenth group to join the Sorority.


The term 'class' is used in each chapter. Every time the chapter has a rush, the girls who enter are then apart of that class. The first girls to start the chapter are called the founding sisters; the next group of girls to join are called the alpha class of that chapter; the next girls are called the beta class, and so on.   

are sororities like how there are in the movies?

We really are not. The Media sure gives sororities a bad wrap. Alpha Pi Phi is not a cult and we have a strict alcohol and drug policy which if not followed can lead to termination. We are active in fighting against the stereotypes produced about sororities by simply following our pillars and mission statement.

what if my school doesnt have Alpha pi phi

You can request to start your very own chapter! Alpha Pi Phi is always expanding and that just means more and more sisters! Don't be discouraged, starting your own chapter can be a life-changing experience and you will meet so many new people this way.