Gamma Sister, Jenny, on Rush

I received an email from the Music Department one fine day and learned Lakehead University had a sorority. I was really intrigued as it was such a new thing for the university.

(left to right; Alpha sister Vanessa, Alpha sister Tiffany, Founding sister Abby) Tabling event in the ATAC

Having heard of sororities and what they do from others in the past, my interest was already peaked so I proceeded to email them back.

Next thing I know, I was attending rush events. Since I only heard about Alpha Pi Phi near the end of their rush, I was very grateful to the lovely Alpha Pi Phi sisters for letting me attend rush and even made a few more rush events to get to know me better.

I felt a warm sense of friendship and support. Every sister was unique and had so much to offer. Rush was a wonderful experience. I hope to see you all there!



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